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November 29th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - 3 Comments

As I was working on the , bringing it up to speed for iOS 5, I needed to get some images inside my iOS simulator. I did some googling and came up with the handy method of dragging and dropping images onto the simulator and using Safari to save them to a photo album. This is all well and good for four or five photos, but it starts to really slow down after that. Also, if you ever run …


    iOS Developers, We Are Hiring!

    October 28th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off on iOS Developers, We Are Hiring!

    ELC Technologies is hiring!
    At ELC we are proud of more than 100 years of combined application development experience including dynamic languages like Ruby, JRuby, Python, as well as strongly typed languages such as C and Java. Our knowledge of the Cloud lets us build true scalability into products. This experience, coupled with our creativity, has led us to build some of the largest, most used apps out there. We are experts in AGILE development, delivering working software in weeks, not …


      Update #2: ELCImagePickerController

      October 18th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Featured - 3 Comments

      Welcome back to another update to the . If you’re not familiar with this class I’d suggest you check out the following posts:
      Cloning UIImagePickerController using the Assets Library Framework
      Update: ELCImagePickerController
      A lot has happened in the iOS world since the creation of this code. With the advent of every new version of iOS there are always exciting new features and bug fixes. Sometimes subtle code changes sneak into classes we’ve …

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        Subclassing Class Clusters

        October 10th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - 2 Comments

        Subclassing is something any object oriented programmer is pretty familiar with. Common examples would be that a square is a subclass of a rectangle. This means that all squares are rectangles, and hold all properties of rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. Squares are a special subset of rectangles that have both sides being the same length. Objective-C has become so evolved that you may use this simplified conceptualization for all objects in Objective-C when in reality there is …

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          Join Us At The Voices That Matter iOS Conference + Promo Code

          September 28th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - 3 Comments

          For the past few years, I have been attending a fantastic conference put on by Pearson Education. The conference is called . It’s a 2 day event (3 if you do the additional workshops), where you will learn about cutting edge iOS development from many of the leaders in the space.
          Well, this year is no different, and on November 12th, Pearson will be putting on another one of these conferences at the Harvard Medical Center in Boston. …

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            Announcing Bird’s Eye: View Twitter from New Heights

            July 25th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - 4 Comments

            Hey iCoders,
            Long time readers will recall a project that has been in development here for a while now. It has known many names; TweetMapper, StreamMapper. But today I am happy to announce that Bird’s Eye is available in the app store.

            Bird’s Eye is a Twitter Browser. You can not tweet from it, but you will need a Twitter account to use it. Bird’s Eye focuses on the real time nature of Twitter. …

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              iPhone Development – Back To Basics

              July 12th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Tutorials - 18 Comments

              Wow, can you believe that it has been almost 3 years since I started iCodeblog!? It seems like just yesterday, That I wrote my very first tutorial in July of 2008. Now, iCodeBlog has multiple authors, hundreds of tutorials, and over 5,000 readers per day!
              As you know, a few things (to say the least) have changed since we first launched iCodeBlog in 2008 with the way we develop for the iOS platform. With that being said, …

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                Calling all iOS Developers!

                July 6th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Featured - 5 Comments

                Hey iCoders,
                A bunch of us on iCodeBlog have been working on a big new mobile product for developers that we are going to release in the next two months or so. Currently we have something ready for iOS developers to mess around with and try within their own applications. We haven’t released any info on this product yet but I can tell you:
                1. It makes mobile development faster.
                2. It plays in the cloud.
                3. You already know how to use …

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                  88 MPH: My App Rejection Story

                  July 5th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Featured - 21 Comments
                  Featured Image

                  Hey iCoders,
                  So last week I posted a rather lengthy breakdown of my week at WWDC. As part of that week I was able to schedule a One-On-One with an iOS App Review employee about an app I developed several months ago called 88 MPH. A while ago I was being contracted for a medical technology down in Carson City, CA; a small tech town about 20 miles or so south of San Francisco. I spend Mon – Wed there …

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                    WWDC 2011: A First Timer’s Perspective

                    June 27th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Featured - 4 Comments

                    Hey iCoders,
                    So I was given the opportunity to attend WWDC this year, and as it was my first time, I thought I would give some of my thoughts for anyone who is planning on making it in 2012. So for some quick background, WWDC stands for the World Wide Developers Conference. It is Apple’s only public conference now that they are no longer a part of MacWorld. WWDC has been going on since 1995 and currently takes place in San …

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