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How to Add GPS to Your iOS App – Part 1

June 4th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Tutorials - 10 Comments

In Part 1 of this series, I will introduce you to the very basics of CoreLocation services and getting the location of the device currently being used.
About CoreLocation
The CoreLocation framework provides your app with the ability to get a device’s current location, provided the user of the device has granted your app access to that information.
Location services are provided in two major ways using this framework:

Standard Location Services– This service provides the most accurate location information using a variety of …


iPhone Game Programming Tutorial Part 4 – Basic Game Audio

May 4th, 2009 Posted by: - posted under:Tutorials - 70 Comments

Ok, I will be finishing up this series by showing you guys how to add basic audio to your game. Since this is a beginner tutorial, I won’t go into complex audio using OpenAL or Audio Queues. Today, we will just be playing short sounds (less than 30 seconds). This will be the easiest way to do audio if you don’t require any background music (I guess you could do a nasty hack and loop a 30 …


A Great iPhone Coding Resource

November 5th, 2008 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - 12 Comments

I’m sure many of you are aware that this semester. On my journeys through the interwebs, I discovered a link to the site where the lectures for this class were posted (via delicious).
So for those of you who already didn’t know this, here is a link to the lecture slides (with sample code).

I hope you find the examples and instruction here very useful. Have a great day …


No More iPhone Developer NDA

October 1st, 2008 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - 6 Comments

It looks like iCodeBlog is no longer illegal! Lol. Apple has just announced that they are doing away with their “F-ing” NDA (as it has been coined). This is great news for developers as we can now talk safely in the open about development for the iPhone without fear.
This pesky NDA has been annoying developers since the beginning of (iPhone Development) time. Maybe now, we will start seeing some great books being published for iPhone …