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Adding Local Weather Conditions To Your App (Part 2/2: Accessing Google’s XML Weather API)

September 29th, 2010 Posted by: - posted under:Tutorials - 40 Comments
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In this Part 2 of ‘Adding Local Weather Conditions To Your App’, I’ll show you how to quickly add current temp, conditions, and today’s high / low temperature to your app.
If you’re lucky enough to already have the user’s zipcode or city and state, this should go very quickly for you. Otherwise, check out Part 1 (Integrating CoreLocation).
Let’s get started.
There are a handful of solid XML Weather APIs out there. The best one I’ve seen so …


Introduction to MapKit in iPhone OS 3.0 Part 2

December 22nd, 2009 Posted by: - posted under:Tutorials - 19 Comments
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Back in September I posted a large post going over all the components required to implement the MapKit in your application. The MapKit is a framework introduced in iPhone OS 3.0 and allows developers to easily take advantage of Google’s mapping technology. In my first post I go over how to present a map as well as annotate the map with custom badges to highlight points of interest. The MapKit also …