Subclassing Class Clusters

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Subclassing is something any object oriented programmer is pretty familiar with. Common examples would be that a square is a subclass of a rectangle. This means that all squares are rectangles, and hold all properties of rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. Squares are a special subset of rectangles that have both sides being the same length. Objective-C has become so evolved that you may use this simplified conceptualization for all objects in Objective-C when in reality there is …


More Informative NSLog’s with Prefix Headers

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Hello iCoders,
I have a quick tip today that I have been using in some of my development that you guys may find helpful in yours. Lately I’ve been developing a Framework. We mentioned a little something about it earlier here on iCodeBlog. When developing a .framework, a lot of times during my work I couldn’t place break points in the code and had to rely mostly on NSLog. NSLog however really wasn’t doing the job for me. So I …


Announcing Bird’s Eye: View Twitter from New Heights

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Hey iCoders,
Long time readers will recall a project that has been in development here for a while now. It has known many names; TweetMapper, StreamMapper. But today I am happy to announce that Bird’s Eye is available in the app store.

Bird’s Eye is a Twitter Browser. You can not tweet from it, but you will need a Twitter account to use it. Bird’s Eye focuses on the real time nature of Twitter. …


Coding Conventions: iVars

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Hey iCoders,
As we have worked together over the last three years, some of the other iCodeBlog writers and I have gotten some pretty good coding conventions going that we thought would be good to share with you guys. One of the toughest to read coding conventions on iPhone is the declaration and synthesis of iVars. I’m going to go through a quick example of the correct way to do this, and the advantages of using the practice. So lets dive …


Calling all iOS Developers!

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Hey iCoders,
A bunch of us on iCodeBlog have been working on a big new mobile product for developers that we are going to release in the next two months or so. Currently we have something ready for iOS developers to mess around with and try within their own applications. We haven’t released any info on this product yet but I can tell you:
1. It makes mobile development faster.
2. It plays in the cloud.
3. You already know how to use …


88 MPH: My App Rejection Story

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Hey iCoders,
So last week I posted a rather lengthy breakdown of my week at WWDC. As part of that week I was able to schedule a One-On-One with an iOS App Review employee about an app I developed several months ago called 88 MPH. A while ago I was being contracted for a medical technology down in Carson City, CA; a small tech town about 20 miles or so south of San Francisco. I spend Mon – Wed there …


WWDC 2011: A First Timer’s Perspective

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Hey iCoders,
So I was given the opportunity to attend WWDC this year, and as it was my first time, I thought I would give some of my thoughts for anyone who is planning on making it in 2012. So for some quick background, WWDC stands for the World Wide Developers Conference. It is Apple’s only public conference now that they are no longer a part of MacWorld. WWDC has been going on since 1995 and currently takes place in San …


UIColor + Digital Color Meter

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Hey iCoders,
Short post today on a little tool I made for myself that is turning out to be very useful. This is a simple UIColor category which adds a class level initializer that accepts the color strings output from the Digital Color Meter application in OS X. I regularly make iOS apps which refer to design PDF documents. Many times designers don’t provide exact details to what colors are in the design. To get them I use the Digial Color …


A Sneak Peek At TweetMapper

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Devotees will remember that last year the team over here at iCodeBlog released a little iPad app called TweetMapper that showed a live stream of tweets coming down from 10 major cities. Well since then Twitter deprecated its support for XML and increased its support for better searching. As a result about a month ago we dusted the project off and went at completely rebuilding it. We added Core Data in, support for the now current streaming JSON output from …


ELCTextFieldCell – A Useful TableViewCell for Forms

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Screen shot 2011-01-04 at 11.49.04 AM

Hello iCoders, today I am going to be open sourcing a UITableViewCell we have created over at ELC that we have found to be very useful. When developing apps we have found that many times a form of some type is required. This is common in Registration forms, contact forms, feedback forms, etc. The problem was writing the same basic code over and over to have an elegant fast form experience for the user. To quicken the development time of these elements we created the ELCTextFieldCell class which facilitates the creation and flow of a larger form. In this post I will be walking you through the usage of the class.