Join Us At The Voices That Matter iOS Conference + Promo Code

    September 28th, 2011 Posted by: - posted under:Articles

    For the past few years, I have been attending a fantastic conference put on by Pearson Education. The conference is called . It’s a 2 day event (3 if you do the additional workshops), where you will learn about cutting edge iOS development from many of the leaders in the space.

    Well, this year is no different, and on November 12th, Pearson will be putting on another one of these conferences at the Harvard Medical Center in Boston. This year’s speaker lineup is better than ever with topics including:

    • ARC (Automatic reference counting) – : Jeff is one of my programming heroes and if you have never heard him speak you are missing out.
    • iCloud
    • Blocks/Cocoa Run Loops
    • Game Development – Put on by , this will be an interesting talk on Game Dev using Cocos2D. Rod and Ray Wenderlich literally on Game Development using Cocos2D.
    • Moving To 3D : I have seen Mike talk a few times and he really shows us 3D n00bs how it’s done and makes OpenGL easy and fun to learn.
    • Many More!

    If the list above isn’t quite enough to get you excited, I have a deal for you!!! You can use the promo code BSTBLOG at checkout and get $100 off your ticket. But you should probably hurry. If you register by Friday, September 30th, you get an additional $200 off. So, let’s do the math:


    So, by the 30th of September, and go for $475.

    I will not only be going, but the company I work for will be doing the VTM sponsorship package and have a table where we will be demoing our new secret project. It will blow your mind. So, if you do come, please stop by and chat with us (more details to come).

    I hope to see you there!

    Happy iCoding.