iCodeBlog 4.0

February 10th, 2011 Posted by: omid - posted under:Articles

If you’re going to write about mobile development, and if you’re going to get excited about all the great things happening in this space, you have to be ready to change.

We are and we did.

This is the new look for iCodeBlog. We hope you like it. It is now part of a network of sites. A pretty cool network of sites under the aegis of Velum Media. We have RubyGlob, SmallCloudBuilder, SmallNetBuilder, Mxdwn, and TG Daily. Something for everyone.

But, everything we do is still going to remain consistent with what the standards we set for ourselves from the beginning. We just want to do more of it, and do better at it, and keep changing and evolving.

Just like the platforms we develop on.