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iPhone Coding Snippet: Live Character Counter, Word filter, and 1337 Translator For A UITextField


I’m sure you have seen a Twitter client such as or count down the characters as you type your Tweet.  This is done by responding to the Editing Changed action on a UITextField.


Today, I will show you how you can implement this functionality in your application as well as show you some other real world examples of responding to this action.  Here are a few of the uses that we will discuss:

  • Countdown of characters allowed – Used when the user is limited by a certain number of characters
  • Word filter – useful in filtering out swear words or other unwanted text
  • Live translator – our example will translate english to :)

I will create the core code and show you how to modify it slightly to implement the other 2 applications.

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UITextField – A Complete API Overview


The UITextField is probably one of the most commonly used UI controls on the iPhone. It is the primary method of user input via the keyboard and provides a great deal of additional functionality.
With the success of our las API tutorial on NSArray, I thought I would do another walkthrough, this time on UITextField. I will be explaining all of the properties for it as well as bringing up some functionality that you may not have known about.
Text Attributes
The …

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