Look Familiar?

    July 8th, 2009 Posted by: - posted under:Articles

    Ok, so I was perusing the App Store the other day to stumble upon this gem of an application. See the screenshot below.


    If you have been on iCodeBlog before, you might recognize this “game” from a tutorial that I wrote about writing an iPhone game (link). One thing to note here is the company name is BlaBlaIncTech (not iCodeBlog) meaning I did not submit this nor did I give permission to do so. I find it interesting that someone has the guts to take a tutorial on iCodeBlog and submit it to the app store unmodified.

    Not only was this VERY basic code meant to teach simple concepts, the graphics are absolutely atrocious as they were hacked together very quickly in Photoshop. I actually find this quite hilarious that this guys expects me not to find out.

    I wanted to highlight some of the great features noted by the “developer” of this application (Seen in the feature section of iTunes).

    • “It’s basic game design makes it a fun game for someone that doesn’t play alot of games” – WOW, emphasis on the BASIC. This game is fun for no one as it sucks! It was meant as a teaching tool moron!
    • “Great Quality” – Are we looking at the same game?
    • “Easy (So easy your grandma can play)” – If you have the same taste in games as your grandma, you probably don’t own an iPhone.
    • Almost no crashes” – hahahaha this is the best one. The keyword here is “Almost”. Well, that does it, I’m sold!

    So, if you want to scoop up this rad game, the link is . I almost will pay him the $.99, just to make fun of him in the comments section.