iCodeBlog Vote: What Are Some New Tutorials You Would Like To See

    June 15th, 2009 Posted by: - posted under:Articles

    It’s voting time again on iCodeBlog. We have learned quite a bit about programming for the iPhone over the last year or so and would love to share that knowledge with you. I was trying to think of my next tutorial to post and then I had a thought to let the readers decide.

    I know you guys are all in the middle of the next iFart project and just need a little guidance on something to finish it up. Well, now you have your chance to get advice on what you want to learn. Let us know what type of tutorial you would like to see appear on iCodeBlog by voting below. In addition to casting your vote, leave you suggestion in the comments section of this post.

    After some time (few days or so), I will look at the votes as well as the comments and come up with some new tutorials based on them. I already have a guess as to what will win, but this ought to be fun! Happy voting!