Video Tutorials Coming Soon

    September 23rd, 2008 Posted by: - posted under:Articles

    Thanks to the generous donations of iCodeBlog users, I am pleased to announce that I will start doing some video tutorials starting early next week (or later this week if I have time). I have purchased iShowU HD Pro ScreenFlow and this will allow me to do screen casts of me writing the programs. From there, I will be able to overdub my voice, giving instruction every step of the way.

    What is so good about this?

    • Tutorials will be more frequent. This is a much more efficient way to create tutorials and will require less hours on my part.
    • Better explanations. There are some things that are just too hard (or long) to explain with just text alone. I will be able to better explain some of the design patterns that I choose as well as explain in more detail Objective-C.
    • Added level of clarity. Rather than me trying to show you what I am doing via screenshots, you will actually be able to view every single keystroke I make while I explain what I am doing.
    • People can’t cry in the comments saying “It doesn’t compile…” as YOU JUST SAW IT WORK on my screen.

    I hope to have the first video tutorial out by early next week…What will it be on you ask? UITableViews…just kidding. Probably something simple at first such as UITabView to get used to the whole screen casting thing. I’m excited and I know you are!

    Happy iCoding!

    **Update** I have decided to use ScreenCast over iShowU as it is a little more feature-rich.