The I’s have it! iCodeBlog Now Has A Forum (for now)

    August 7th, 2008 Posted by: - posted under:Articles

    OK, so 20-someodd votes for a forum has swayed me for now. I went ahead and put up a forum on iCodeBlog. This will be experimental as it’s such a sad site to see failing forums with a lack of participation. With that in mind, I will set a goal:

    If the forum has at least 50 registered users by next week 08/14/08 (which shouldn’t be that hard, the site already gets over 500 unique visits per day), it stays. If not, I will take it down. A forum takes a lot of work to maintain and attract new users. I am willing to put in that effort, if there is enough interest.

    So go fourth and register for the forums.

    Happy iCoding!