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why won’t app detect sqlite database change?

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3:00 pm
April 8, 2009



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Hi everybody! Glad to be on board of such a friendly and useful site.

I just finished laying out the concept of an application following the sqlite tutorial (first two parts only, actually..), and I tried editing the database file just to check how different data would be represented: to my surprise those changes never got to the View, even if many external applications were seeing them; I tried breakpointing inside initWithPrimaryKey and discovered that what it was fetching looked actually like the old stuff, but I can't understand why.. I tried removing the resources.sqlite file (it still showed the old stuff) and then I tried recreating it from scratch, obviously doing as many “Clean All” as possible..

Where does those data keep coming from? Will I be able to change them only from inside an app?

thanks a lot,


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