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I thought I should let developers on this forum know that there is a professionally driven online iP

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5:58 am
May 25, 2009



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Its not that expensive ($200) and there is a $50 rebate if you use the code AZV while registering.

Of course, its not free - but then you get the one-on-one teaching and priority support / help / training - that you may not find elsewhere.

You also get to work and co-publish your first live industrial iphone project (game or application) on the official Apple Appstore, and you get to keep 80% of the revenues as part of a co-publishing deal with the company that runs the online iPhone classes.

This means that you can essentially earn back the money and time that you put into this, many times over in a matter of a few months!

Interested people will need to register ASAP, as they are quickly approaching maximum capacity and will not be able to entertain an excessive number of students. Visit the link - iphone programming courses to sign up today!

9:33 pm
May 27, 2009



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Did you intend to post information in the message body that you put into the subject line instead?  This post does not make enough sense.  iPhone course perhaps? Link or other info?


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