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Problem changing image property of UIImageView control

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7:48 pm
May 26, 2009



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I'm stumped by a problem in a very simple test program.  I have two buttons and one UIImageView. Button #1 loads a .png into the image view, and Button #2 loads a different .png into the imageview.  It works fine initially, but when I try to *re-load* an image, that is, go back and forth between the buttons, or click on a button more than once, the program crashes.

Here is the entire code of the project:

the .m file:

@interface TestLoadImagesViewController : UIViewController {

IBOutlet UIImageView *imgShown;


@property (nonatomic, retain) UIImageView *imgShown;



the .h file:

#import “TestLoadImagesViewController.h”

@implementation TestLoadImagesViewController

@synthesize imgShown;

-(IBAction)loadMichael:(id)sender {

NSString *strNextImage = @”MikeHorse.png”;

UIImage *img = [UIImage imageNamed:strNextImage];

if (img != nil) {

[imgShown setImage:img];

[img release];


else {

//show me an alert here. The alert does not show during testing.


[strNextImage release];


-(IBAction)loadSasha:(id)sender {

NSString *strNextImage = @”SashaTeeth.png”;

UIImage *img = [UIImage imageNamed:strNextImage];

if (img != nil) {

[imgShown setImage:img];

[img release];


else {

// alert code here.


[strNextImage release];


Can anyone help with this?  I've searched the manuals and the 'Net with no luck.

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