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How to add items to UITableView from iPhone Programming Tutorial - Populating UITableView With An NS

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3:23 am
May 17, 2009



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I created a new project following the tutorial and have come in to a problem here's the details…

I have a UITableView which is populated by an array, I have a button on the navigaton bar which (when pressed) adds an item to the array and calls [self.tableView reloadData] in the UITableView. This results in numberOfRowsInSection being called and returning the correct number of rows (the number of items in the array) BUT doesn't call cellForRowAtIndexPath. I have created a new navigation based application to try and find a solution but have exactly the same problem! If anyone knows the answer it would be greatly appreciated, i've been tearing what's left of my hair out for the last day! I have put the source for the test project up on my site at

Any ideas? Anyone? If i modify the tutorial code to do the same then i get the same behaviour except that if i go to one of the detail views and go back then the table is finally correctly populated. How do I get the same behaviour when the table is visible?

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