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Animoto launch… and already Techcrunched!

Wow! are a client and a great team to work with. They have an excellent sense of style and cleanliness of usability. But don’t listen to us. We’re biased. :-)Check out what had to say:
Why this is so great - you no longer have to wait until you get home and to your computer to create slide shows of the amazing pictures you take at a wedding, sports event, or whatever. Make it on the fly and then email it out to friends while you’re still there. I love it.

Animoto Videos is free and

Haunted App link recap…


Haunted is basically a short video with a scary ending. Do NOT show it to young children unless you want them to be in therapy for the next 20 years. Using it to scare the crap out of your coworkers, though, is totally acceptable!


Open the app and let your friend stare on the screen and just make sure that the person does not drop your iPhone or iPod touch…

Haunted gaining on 100k downloads!

What a real treat to see–we launched into the AppStore for our client earlier this month and nobody expected to get the amount of organic activity that we’ve seen. The application is seeing over 5,000 installs per day–and as the above trend report shows–most of them are to an International crowd. At this rate it will see 100k downloads this Halloween season.