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Changing label text in a view to input text from another

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3:27 pm
June 5, 2009



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I have followed a tutorial where a tab bar is implemented and in the first view you can type in some text click a button and the text is added to a label in the second view. All of this is done through xcode.

All works fine so to practice my skills I am trying to create the UI elements in interface builder.

I am having problems with the final step where the button is clicked and the text is assigned from th text field to the label.

The code that updates the label text is as follows

- (void)action:(id)sender {
    [self.textField resignFirstResponder]; //Hide Keyboard
    self.delegateRef.view2Controller.label.text = self.textField.text;//Ubdate label

The whole project can be downloaded at

I'd really appreciate anyone helping me out with this last little bit.

Thanks for any help.

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