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Looking for help (tutorial) on a basic two sided framework

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2:20 pm
April 22, 2009




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[I'm sorry that this is a repeat but the formatting of my first attempt got all screwed up some how.]

I admit here that despite many, many hours with Objective C and XCode I'm still a relative newb.

I've been trying to create a basic framework for my app for several months and can't seem to work it out. Here's what I'm creating:

- an app with two major views
- I want a rotate button in the top left of a toolbar on both views
- clicking that button rotates to the other view.
- the busy work / heavy lifting of the app will be done on one view
- the working results of the app will be viewable/can be manipulated on the other

The closest app in the book that builds this kind of structure is the 'AppSettings' app in chapter 10.

But, instead of the 'info' button on the first page, I want the 'rotate' button on the top left to flip to the second view and instead of the back button on the FlipsideView I want another 'rotate' button to switch the app back.

I understand how the info button switches to the flip view by accessing the 'toggleView' method in RootViewController. I see how the 'loadFlipsideViewController' method in he same class displays the navigation bar and ads the back button.

But isn't there away to create a toolbar across the top of both views with my 'rotate' button there?

I know this can be done. The Grocery Gadget, for example, has two buttons (shop and prepare) on the toolbar across the top. clicking back and forth between the 'shop' and 'prepare' buttons flips between the two views. You can see a picture of it in the App Store here:

For that matter, if you look at their demo piture you'll see a whole bunch of buttons on the bottom which flip between varies database views - I'll be needing to do that too - I'm assuming if I can figure out how to handle the flipping question above I'll figure out how to change database views based on similar toolbar button pushes too! :)

Can anyone point me to a basic framework like this. I can build the app within the frame (or at least most of it) … I just can't figure out how to build the dang basic frame.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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