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Need Help in creating an IPhone App

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10:54 am
June 30, 2009



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Hello All,

I am new to programming. I have taken 2 courses, I repeat 2 courses only in java programming and I have a pretty good understanding, but that is all.

I want to attempt to create an Iphone application that when opened gives you the splash screen and then a very basic 4 to 5 buttons that stream live content from an site.

I have read the splash tutorial and am fairly confident that I can get that setup, I have also read the tutorials on how to setup tables and rows ( which will become my buttons), but what I need to know is where and how would I get those buttons to go out to the MMS streams (Multimedia streams from Microsoft) and display that content on your Iphone?

what I am trying to do is that even possible?

thank you for looking at my post and thank you for your suggestions and guidance.


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