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SQLite Queries

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7:04 am
October 25, 2008



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I have two tables

table one is a list of Categories.

Table two is a list of games. with a column CategoryID that is referencing the Cateogry PK field. I have figured transitionning out from table one to table two.  What I am trying to figure out is how to run the query in the appDelegate when I change from the Category tableView to the Game TableView so that it limits the result to just those that match the category that was selected.

Currently I have a NSInteger named cid that is set to the selected Category's id when the tableCell is selected.  It then pushes to the next view.

So basically i need to re-run the query i have setup in the appDelegate Currently looks like:

“SELECT pk FROM game WHERE cid = ?”

thanks for any suggestions.

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