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    October 17th, 2008 Posted by: - posted under:Articles

    Now that iCodeBlog has been getting a good amount of traffic, I thought it might be time to allow the developers to advertise their apps on the site. However, I first wanted to make sure that there was sufficient interest. Also, I wanted to price the ads appropriately. So, I decided to create a poll to allow you guys decide the pricing scheme. A bit about the site before you guys place your vote…

    • Currently, the site is receiving an average of 1,500 unique visitors/day (and growing)
    • ~600 RSS subscribers
    • It’s the #1 result in Google for ““
    • There would be no more than 6 ads sold/month
    • The ads would be icons and would link to their download page in the app store
    • They would appear in the top portion of the site (above the fold) near my banner somewhere
    • Best site in the World!
    So, after taking these things into consideration, please let me know what you think about advertising on the site (anyone can vote).