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So close, please help!!

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3:40 pm
October 22, 2008



posts 16


I have been doing so well with trying to get my app set up but now Im out of my depth and stuck with out a single clue!!!

I started with the TabBarView demo as my base. I have created several views (xib files) with each view having a table view on it. Each of the tabs now display each of the views as i click back and forth on each tab (each tab class is set to use FirstViewController!).

I then went on to add the code we used in the sqlite demo on one of the views to load up the data from the database. Everything compiles (after a lot of bug fixing!) OK!

The problem I am facing is that the data is not being loaded from the database. In fact the code in FirstViewController never gets fired (I put a break point in which never got caught!)

I know at the moment this all sounds a bit vague and your going to need more info, so please tell me what info you need to help. I have come so far in learning to program in Obj-C and found a lot out for myself. I just need pointing in the right direction and can hopefully muddle on and learn some more.

PLEASE HELP!!! You are my only hope LOL

Thanks in advance :)

9:29 am
October 23, 2008



Los Angeles

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This might sound nuts, but when the Simulator is running, reset its contents then launch your project again.

I also found that placing [mytableview reloadData]; in the

- (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated

method sometimes works.

10:40 am
October 23, 2008



posts 16


Thnx Bob

I have now got the code stepping in to numberOfRowsInSection method, which is a big step forward.

What is not happening now is the cellForRowAtIndexPath is not being fired!!

How do I find out the value of something (i.e. numberOfRowsInSection) when i put a break point there?

Im guessing this is going to be zero which is maybe a reason why cellForRow… isn't firing.

4:08 am
October 24, 2008



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OK, now I know how to debug a value using 'printf'. Now all I need to do is figure out why my tableview isnt loading the data!!

10:17 am
October 24, 2008



Los Angeles

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I bought Erica Sadun's book, The iPhone Developer's Cookbook. Highly recommended. Answers a lot of questions.

4:29 pm
October 26, 2008



posts 16


Good recomendation!!

I have it on order now from Amazon £12.99 delivered… Downloaded the book code from InformIT website. Looking at the samples he doesnt use xibs or seperate view controllers he just uses the main file !!!

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