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Testing IPhone applications

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9:51 am
January 1, 2009



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Our company started developing an application for the Iphone.
I'd like to get introduce to Applications, FAQ, Techniques, person that can guide me in this area. What are the obstacles and special attention needed when testing Iphone applications.
thanks in advance.

3:25 am
February 27, 2009



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I think your best bet is to find a good community of iPhone developers and get settled in.

I can personally recommend ; it’s got a lot of professional iPhone developers, and thousands of beta testers. Basically, there’s an active forum where you can discuss any iPhone related topics, and when you have an application that you want to do closed or public testing with, you can submit it there, and people will give you excellent input on what everyday users will think of your application and its usability.

Moreover, you can also join the #iphonedev IRC channel on The people there are very informative and helpful.

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