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Now stuck on something else….. :-(

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11:59 am
November 19, 2008



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This is the main problem for me with the Objective-C syntax…

I'm not sure if I'm being slow or not just understanding the syntax at all.

There seems to be very little in the way of sample code in the developers help files and there is little else on the web.

In the second part of the lesson 1B of the Stanford files, there is a bit about processes. I've used the sample code to get the process name;

“NSString *processName = [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] processName];”

Problem is, I cannot work out how to get the process ID, here is the developer notes;

Returns the identifier of the process.

- (int)processIdentifier

Return Value
Process ID of the process.

How do I use this and what should the syntax be? I'm pretty much stumped by it… Embarassed



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