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about subview interactions (bobcubsfan maybe you can help.)

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2:51 am
December 6, 2008



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Hi, I'm kinda new here - I heard It's a good place for iPhone develpors, so I came here to ask a question.

I working on a game and I use views. I have views coming from random spots outside the screen - animating to other spots outside the screen… (I hope you got it) anyways I defined these subviews to react to user interaction - but they wont react to touches, the only time I managed to make them react is when their parent (the UIView) is defined to userInteractionEnabled - but then when I touch it the method occurs anywhere I touch and not only when I touch the animated subViews.

I thought about making animated buttons instead of views - but I'm here for suggestions.

~All replies will be most appriciated!

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